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Copy of an old cunt healer page of mine

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Cunt Healer 
<br />Immortality Education
HHO Turning Point: We are driving to death! Stanley Allen Meyer solutions
We are driving to death

Diamond Clarity Psychic 
<br />Internet Immortalist Author Robert Ray Hedges Picture from 1994
Witch/Cunt Healer Supreme
From: Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

One entry found for connive.

Main Entry: con·nive

Pronunciation: k&-'nIv

Function: intransitive verb

Inflected Form(s): con·nived; con·niv·ing

Etymology: French or Latin; French conniver, from Latin conivEre, connivEre TO CLOSE THE EYES,
connive, from com- +

-nivEre (akin to nictare to wink); akin to Old English & Old High German
hnIgan to bow

1 : to pretend ignorance of or fail to take action against something one ought to oppose

Such as female sexual responsibility and generousity + no more death for all children of


2 a : to be indulgent or in secret sympathy : WINK b : to cooperate secretly or have a secret


- con·niv·er noun

Translations by Robert Ray Hedges: The Internet's most prolific

Immortalist of human/Super Human Physicality as illustrated by a Google Search as
["physical immortality" hedges] which

shows 1,707 pages result.
Yahoo Search: 2160
msn: 860
May 3, 2004.
Additional verification by

http://wordtracker.com [immortality] as keyword search.

I have not attracted one female human in Sedona or over the internet or in the Sedona Social

Interface to help me from anywhere on earth in 13.4 years since "The Physical Immortality Project" Jan 17, 1996 via Mitch

Obele. (No current auditioner) Today is June 30, 2009 9:49 p.m. mst Sedona Arizona usa

I have hundreds of respected friends of both sexes here in Sedona, so I know it's not my attitude that's the


I conclude, therefore, that women hate children underneath the connive as shown above.

The Internet is perfect for letting the youth of earth know about mother cunts and all cunts in general. If you want war

stopped, teach women to love children and drastically lower the price of pussy worldwide and greatly expand availability

"Right men?" Right!.

Now, these cunts (who hate children) aka breed to kill, also hate the males they have castrated and sheared HEADS Delilah

fashion. Cunts are actually PRICKS or Kings masked as queens. They have castrated their men to make them into pussies aka

pussy whipped wimps. The USA presidential wimps castrated polygamy in the Un-tied States of United Cunts of America; these

presidents are /were the blind agents of the Witches Imperative to Abort Evolution by nuking the dna and render biological

integrity as shattered for the half life of common plutonim and its partnes of life destroying radiation.

Washington DC is the Dominant Cunt of all Cunt Trees. With the Sept 11, 2001 Karma noted, and more karma due, until the

diamonds are returned to the victims of cunts, and the supply of vaginas that are in a humble mood are everywhere and

polygamy is restored for the earning of reproductive rights to once again generate strong lineages in a very Darwinian

Evolution of dna consciousness/ethics; a destiny machine powered by a star, SOL. :-) Rbt More content is in the works


border=0 width=41 alt="">

The Male Anger at cunts is symbolized at Pearl Harbor, Clit (pearl) clammed up sexual

depravity prostitution karma. Hiroshima! Retribution Central.

(Hi Rose She Ma Motherfucker)!

Harry's wife and President Truman, the King Child Killer, Reluctant Missiah Type,

and her PSYCHIC DEATH NIGGER, Harry (not meant as racist but is stated in its sexist context) military males Burned Salem

twice in Japan in 1945.

Now, currently under resolution karma, The American BlackHouse called the whitehouse by the

blind, has an unelected control agent castrator of men known as MONOGAMY WIFE, with her psychic nigger puppet President.

She makes him think he has power.
Good News for Earth: The Cunt House of America will not be needed after the clarity

wave sweeps away the Witch and her deceiving ways.

The Interent is under new control and the Immortality of

Chill-dren IS now a one world Science Project, and will be governed by Lucid Children and a yet to be determined number of

GIFTED Older Types.

The Last shall be First, Finally!

How do you like that shit BABIE?! Happy Memorial Day

Earth People!

Physical Immortality Mandatory



Clicky Here @ IS

This is my Internet and You are the living

The dna that constucted your mind is now needing to erase your illusions and
assign you an Immortality Position.
You have inertia in the wrong context of
intention and this will kill you if you continue.
In your lineage, all your
ancestors are dead or dying. You use this statistical reality to defend your
own death.
Your mortality probability
is connected to
your belief which runs your intent. Cut the chain of bondage, walk out of your jail.
Birth your will. Surrender to eternal truth. Evolve your attitude. Enter
Mandatory Eternal Physicality. Stop dying in front of children. You are
their poison until you radiate resolution and integrity. Be the way. Light it
up, NOW!

World EarthQuakes,


All Wars fought over Vaginass

You wouldn't be here if you weren't the living dead. Awaken and immortalize your


border=0 width=41 alt="Meteors enter the atmosphere at speeds ranging from 11 km/sec (25,000 mph), to 72 km/sec (160,000


Physical Immortality Taking over the Internet 
<br />
<br />Psychics Psychic Free></center><br>
<br />
<br /><body bgcolor=

Physical Immortality Psychics Psychical TsunamiGenesis

Prostitution Breed to Kill


Reference from internet search: http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=motherfucker&#x=12&y=11

Here is the essence of what no one wants to be brought public. The end of the lie
and all of the Witch smoke and

mirrors....mysticism terminated.

Main Entry: moth?er?fuck?er
Pronunciation: 'm&-[th]&r-"f&-k&r

Function: noun
usually obscene : one that is formidable, contemptible, or offensive -- usually
used as a generalized term of abuse
- moth?er?fuck?ing /-ki[ng]/ adjective, usually obscene

Main Entry: cunt The female HitlerHood of earth will create 103 million children to kill this

year in Lie-fe. Cunt means using sexuality contemptuously. Males are in the same coma so the word applies to all

pre-immortalists equally.

Pronunciation: 'k&nt

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English cunte; akin to Middle Low German kunte female pudenda

1 usually obscene : the female pudenda; also : coitus with a woman

2 usually disparaging and obscene : WOMAN 1a


Main Entry: ob?scene

Pronunciation: ?b-'sEn, &b-

Function: adjective

Etymology: Middle French, from Latin obscenus, obscaenus

1 : disgusting to the senses : REPULSIVE

2 a : abhorrent to morality or virtue; specifically :
designed to incite to lust or


At the top of this page is depicted in the

the symbol of the Black Widow Witch, Cunt, Motherfucker; our Billions of female humanoids whos inherited psychical modality

is still breed to kill all children and to involve sleeping males in the conspiracy against all children. But the

unconscious males are angry in being her co-conspiratorial companion, the males are Her Death Amplifers.
So the three

triangles on the spider to the right represent the impending nuclear burning of Salem/Earth in a holocaust of Stellar Fire


Shesus, or t.Ruth, is due in the world to set a new course for the collective human intention by being the

first Angel of Destiny and will turn Hell into Heaven by being an example of Eternal Law Lived.
I have prepared her

Path in honor of our Humanity, Evolution of consciousness, and Our Miraculous Destiny; Awakened.

color="yellow" size="5"> b : containing or being language regarded as taboo in polite usage
c :

repulsive by reason of crass disregard of moral or ethical
principles d : so excessive as

to be offensive

"American Woman (cunt); Stay Away from Me" defined as:

from obscene above....."LIPSTICK, as one example, is
designed to incite to lust

(combined with) depravity"

or Psychical Sexual Malicious Teasing. It is here

that she kills her Destinial Navigator.

As the King of Music said "Don't be Cruel"

In war, the men are killing each other because, if they killed the cunts that they
resent, they would destroy their

species and their Lust Objects. This is
subconsciously not an option except in cases where the pain exceeds certain

and males then serially kill hookers, or their wives and sometimes children too and
very occasionally, their

Mothers or both parents.

I surmise, through my total life experience,
that over 99 percent of this Man Hating Energy and

resentment/anger (Man-Hating-Project) Hiroshima et al
....is "successfully" redirected by males at their own

subconsciouly projecting their hate for whores redirected, inclusive of their 100
percent successful child

killing mothers
(all people die), upon other males who are affraid to return the pain
to its point of origin,

Mother-son Betrayal Retribution Sublimation (male war).

Interestingly, for FatherFucker:

The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary.


1. Fathometer

2. fatherlike

3. featheredged

4. featherbeds

5. featherheads

6. featherweights

7. photographer

8. featherheaded

9. fatherhoods

10. featherbedded

In the post Alpha Male Tribal reality, In the era of Alpha Subversioning Witch
sponsored Forced Monogamy, in our World

War III, pending, a quantum amount of
suppressed male anger at women would be released to potientially end the war

between women and Truth, and all men and children would be killed as innocent
bystanders. I say.


My best estimate, as our deeper history is veiled and without clear records, but humans
have drastically altered the

primate primal

breeding structure beginning about 7000 years ago, in part because of our adaptable nature.

Marriage, to one other, is a female preference and contains the word root mar at the
outset. Mar/War, as in


Now, sadly, massive numbers of humans have no rituals of strength to filter out the weak
breeders. Our species has

wandered into dangerous ground tampering with natures
choice of earned alpha male breeding.

Slowly the anger builds, unsensed.....until Oklahoma City, Columbine in Colorado, New
York City, And the NayShuns

Capitol; our Cunt Tree is rupturing from within and now the
Twin Towers/Pentagram PentUpGone Pentagon, from afar as


Translations are clear, the greedy man and woman Towers are Struck by Lightning Kerosene
Jet Fuel. And our symbol of

Security (The Pentagon) is damaged, helpless at the hands of
massively motivated and organized foreign male anger.

The Cunt Tree has been warned in Oklahoma, Colorado, and now New York City/Washington but
the Giant has not awakened,

It has only been VERY briefly disturbed.

And because the roots of Male Anger are not understood YET, the final blow pending will
be nuclear....the darkside of

Russian military transformation opportunities;
black market
plutonium, uranium, deuterium, tritium AND OTHER UNKNOWNS.

The worst part is that you will be offended at this warning rather than awakened.
Your bride will
vanish in a cloud as in Japan 1945.
The same cloud you have lived in your entire Life.

And, when I reached, there was no one there, how sad!

From Sedona

My third communication with Nobel Prize Via Internet.....

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 01:34:51 -0700 (PDT) archive copied resurrected on Jan 4, 2009

From: "Robert Ray Hedges"

Subject: Mr Nobels Words

To: comments@www.nobel.se

Mr Nobel simply stated that prizes be given to those

who, during the preceding year, "shall have conferred

the greatest benefit on mankind" and that one part be

given to the person who "shall have produced in the

field of literature the most outstanding work in an

ideal direction!

ideal direction

ideal direction

ideal direction

I deal in Die Wreck Shun, Phonetic decode of the

I deal in Live Fix Accept, a reversing or inversion of
the phonetic implication.

As I have the top website on earth via google search,

Physical Immortality, and 270 evolving websites as a

group, SO, then
I have qualified for the Ideal.

This is not about ego or self promotion, this is about

the 103,000,000 children who will be created on earth

this year to be killed just like your parents did to

If you don't want this repaired, just return the email

response with 2 letters in the subject line.
How long will that take? 10 to 15 seconds. Just say
no. I'm still waiting for ANY response at 11:00 p.m. Wednesday May 14, 2004 Sedona.

I am recording this viscosity and placing it on your

internet as evidence for the children of earth so they

will know what the chill is about. Is there anyone home
in Nobility?

Your friend Robert Hedges, Sedona Az usa

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